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Landscape Design

A long lasting, functional & beautiful Plano landscape starts with a good design! Our Allen Landscape Design services focus on Water wise / Local plant species which reduce the amount of maintenance on your part, helps conserve water and lowers your water bill. Whether it's your frontyard, backyard or entire property, we'll devote our total attention to your landscape project. To begin, we offer two landscaping services... Read More

Landscape Installation

Allen, Landscape Construction & Installation is where design comes to life! Projects done right start with having someone in charge. Keith, owner of Appealing Gardens, oversees every Plano landscape design project and only does one at a time. Meeting client expectations, addressing and handling unexpected challenges and daily communication with our landscaping clients is what we do best... Read More

Landscape Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words! The possiblities with Plano landscaping is limitless. From the photos, you will notice that practically no landscape picture is alike. Every one of our projects is custom and our Plano landscape design consultations help you figure them all out based on your likes and dislikes... Read More

Landscape Design Ideas

Looking at our photos Plano, you'll see lots of different trees, plants, patio styles, flower bed sizes, borders, boulders, walls, elevation changes, paths, walks and other features like ponds, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, trellises & pottery, Our goal is to help you understand how to best utilize these ideas and features into your own families lifestyle and backyard enjoyment... Read More

About Us

Appealing Gardens Landscape is owner-operated and has been in business since 2002. We are an easy Allen landscaping company to work with. We have skilled, capable employees and equipment to do the job right. We are fully insured, organized, debt free and knowleadgeable about landscape design Plano. We are dedicated to doing quality work and building relationships... Read More

Landscape Design Testimonials

Watch video of actual clients! Why join the evergrowing community of water wise and resource sensitive landscapes Plano? See what our clients appreciate about their sustainable landscapes, why they hired us and what they like about working with Keith and Appealing Gardens Landscape in Allen... Read More

New Clients

Plano, landscaping is a fun a rewarding process! We would love the opportunity to discuss your project in detail! We listen and take you seriously regarding your Allen landscaping project needs, issues, problems, likes and dislikes. We take pride in communicating and educating our clients on their landscpae design options. If you have never hired a Plano landscape designer and are new to the process... Read More

Appealing Gardens Landscape Allen, TX

"On target, On Time, On budget & Done right the first time"

Appealing Gardens is an Allen Landscaping Company specializing in Texas Native/ water wise Plants and Natural Stone Landscaping. Our Plano landscaping ideas and Allen landscape designs are creative, natural, thoughtful and outside of the norm when it comes to landscaping contractors and landscape architects.  We service Plano, Allen, McKinney, Dallas and all of North Texas.

Depending on client needs, likes, personal tastes and site conditions, our outdoor designs can be anything from a full xeriscape landscape to a more evergreen landscape.  Our retaining walls, patios, walkways, soils and mulches, firepits, seating areas and other landscape ideas are all features we emphasize and focus on using water wise/sustainable landscape plant material, lawns, natural stone and recyclable products ... Read More

Allen Landscape Design with Purpose

"Know, Appreciate, Value & Grow"

Plano landscape design encompasses many means and services. It is important to remember that landscaping, particularly landscape design and landscape construction Allen Landscaping, is not a commodity for which a price tag can be easily attached. Purchasing landscaping services might better compare to purchasing art. Landscaping that is appealing to the eye, functional and of lasting quality requires professional design and installation. If you expect to hire a professional Allen landscaping contractor, you'll need to employ the techniques of a professional buyer ... Read More