About Us

Appealing Gardens Landscape, LLC has been in business since 2002. We are an easy company to work with. We have skilled, capable employees and equipment to do the job. We are fully insured, organized, debt free and knowleadgeable. We remain dedicated to doing quality landscaping work and building relationships with our customers and their landscape needs. Weprovide landscape design and installation in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Dallas and all of North Texas.


Keith Pulliam was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He holds a B.S. in Plant Science from Texas A&M Commerce and an A.A.S. in Golf Course Construction & Horticulture from Grayson College. Keith started his learning in 1992 while in College, he began working part time for many local golf courses. He began to see and appreciate the natural flow of local terrain and how man made design can and should work naturally within the environment. He also learned that there is a science to plant life and an impact to maintain it if it is not natural.

Following 6 years of College and on site learning, Keith embarked on a career in the Golf Course industry. He teamed up to build and maintain such golf courses as Twin Creeks, Ridgeview Ranch and a new nine holes at Stonebridge Country Club. Keith managed large crews and completed extensive projects. He monitored daily course conditions and communicted with club professionals to keep the course in optimum playing condition and the customers happy!

In 2002, Keith started up Appealing Gardens Landscape, LLC, a design and build landscaping company based in Allen, TX focusing on Native Softscapes and Natural Hardscapes. From the beginning, Keith has been a hands on owner. He believes strongly in good communication, education and understanding of client needs and wants. He is actively involved with each individual project and there for his clients before, during and after the project. Keith is a Certified Paver Installer, member of the BBB, Green Building Council and Native Plant Society of Texas.

When not landscaping, Keith enjoys working out, riding his bike, playing golf with his Dad, having great conversations with his Mom, spending time with his girlfriend, cooking new and different meals, salsa dancing, learning more Spanish and gardening in his own home in Allen, Texas.


Purpose, Integrity, Function, Form and Aesthetics all work together. Our philosophy of Design & Construction is that of creating a natural looking and feeling area, water wise, truly sustainable and using recycled products whenever possible.

Keith and Appealing Gardens helps clients by creating a unique, well thought out, custom and natural landscape/garden for clients. We accomplish our Mission by really getting to know our clients and their needs first hand. We are about Quality not Quantity.



There are many good and professional companies in DFW.  A rare breed, there are companies like ourselves that specialize in "Design/Build" and then there are companies that are mainly maintenance.  In other words, their bread and butter is maintenance and they design & build landscapes around their maintenance programs.  We Design and Build based on Sustainability.    

When you hire Keith and Appealing Gardens you are considered a "Client" and not a "Customer".  We provide all of our landscaping services "In House".  Keith works one on one with clients all the way from the design phase through the construction/installation phase, personally oversees every project and encourages an open door policy and free lifetime advice for clients during and upon project completion.  We look forward to being of service to you ...    

  • Sustainable / Water wise landscape design
  • Hill country gardens / Year round yards
  • Excavation / Grading / Berms / Land and bed preparation
  • Drainage installation and remediation
  • Minor sprinkler modifications
  • Dry Creek Beds / Bridges
  • Retaining walls, driveways
  • Patios - Concrete, Paver, Gravel, Tile, Flagstone
  • Paths, Walkways, Seating Areas
  • Tree installation, plantings, borders
  • Outdoor fireplaces / Built in grills
  • Water Features
  • Garden features - Trellises, Pottery
  • Rain harvesting systems / Green roofs

Guarantee & Warranty

Appealing Gardens Landscapes helps you increase the value and beauty of your home by creating a landscape that is tailored to your taste and needs in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Dallas or anywhere in North Texas.

We will provide you with personalized attention and educate you from start to finish on the process and your options. We guarantee to be on budget. We take the time to plan your project, use quality materials and practices and do it right the first time. We give you a landscape you will be proud of, will last longer and add more value to your home. We warranty and stand behind all of our workmanship and promise to be only a phone call away if you have a question or a need

  • You will never pay more than the price we quote unless you want additional changes.
  • We will use quality materials and construction practices.
  • We will communicate with you during all phases of construction to keep you informed.
  • We promise to be only a phone call away and will return all calls or e-mails.
  • We will provide you with a warranty on all services & plants and will repair or replace free of charge any item listed below that fails to last as specified.


Service Description Warranty
Hardscapes 1 year
Trees 1 year
Shrubbery 1 year
Perennials 6 months
Annuals 30 days
Sod 30 days
Trees 1 year


The city of Dallas holds an annual Water Wise Landscape Award and Tour (www.savedallaswater.com). It is based on the following Seven principles:

  • 1. Start with a plan
  • 2. Analyze and improve the soil
  • 3. Use practical turf areas
  • 4. Select appropriate plants
  • 5. Use efficient irrigation to make every drop count
  • 6. Use mulches to conserve water & prevent weed growth
  • 7. Maintain appropriately

In 2008, Appealing Gardens had one installation awarded and on tour. In 2009, Appealing Gardens had three installations awarded and on tour. 2010 is hopeful!


Keith Pulliam is proud to be able to speak about different topics when it comes to landscape design & construction.  He especially enjoys speaking with kids! 

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