Landscape Design

Water wise, Sustainable & Recycle Focused

Our Personal Plano Landscape Consultation and Design services are thoughtful to nature, detailed to the client needs, creative and comprehensive. We offer two Allen landscaping services to connect with our clients ... Consultations and Master Designs. Pre-meeting "new client questionairre" and survey plat copy are needed to better serve you.


Landscape Design Consultations/Sketch & Notes

Allen landscape design Consultations work best for clients with one specific area like a small backyard, frontyard, sideyard or for landscaping around a new pool that needs improvement.

Our Plano landscape Consultations begin with a one on one meeting with the client. With a note pad & pen in hand, we will do the following:

  • Walk around your property. listen and take notes
  • Share and cultivate additional ideas based on our walk around
  • Look at pictures and understand more ideas and concepts
  • Answer any questions or concerns / address solutions and options
  • Make recommendations - Trees, plants & Materials specific to your project

You will receive the following upon completion of the Consultation:

  • Copy of the notes and recommendations
  • A Sketch/Design of the area (not to scale)
  • Recommended Materials List / Resources List
  • We provide landscape design consultations in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Dallas and the entire North Texas area

Fee: 250.00 Consultation times are approximately 2 hours.
We encourage you to compare our rates with other professional Plano landscape designers!  We think you'll find our service is reasonably priced, valued, understandable and you'll learn things about landscaping that you would never imagine!   

We also do installation services and will provide an estimate at your request. We perform all of our installations "in house".


Master Designs

Master Designs work best for clients looking to connect & collaborate lots of ideas around there home. This would include large backyards or a combination of a backyard, frontyard and sideyard. They include the following:

  • Share and cultivate additional ideas based on your needs
  • Understand more ideas and concepts
  • Answer any questions or concerns / address solutions and options
  • Make recommendations - Trees, plants & Materials specific to your project
  • Come up with a Comprehensive game plan to create your design 
  • Additional Handy walk around Laminated Copy of your design
  • Recommended Materials List / Resources List
  • Answer any additional questions or concerns
Fee: Starts at 500.00 and up depending on lot size, nature and complexity of design. If you like you can e-mail us 3 pictures and one survey plat to get an estimate and better idea of design costs before we meet.

We also do installation services. We perform all of our installations "in house" and will refund half of your Master Design costs upon installation of design. Ask Keith for more details.

Sustainable Keys

Sustainability is defined as a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanantly damaged. In our business this can be applied as using water wise plant material and more specifically plants that are native to Texas and even the local regions. We also try to use recycled products as much as possible.

You can have a water wise & tropical looking landscape, butterfly, perennial or more evergreen garden and still be part of the ever growing sustainable smart community.

Most all of our landscapes, upon completion and proper establishment can survive on inclement rain fall and minimal to zero sprinkler usage.

The City of Dallas' annual "Water Wise Recognition Award & Tour" judges on the following criteria:

Composition /// Aesthetic Appeal /// Sensitivity to site

Low-water demand plants /// Use of non-vegetative materials(fence,walls, walks

Low & ease of maintenance /// Quality (no weeds, neat, clean, disease & insect free)

Water Conservation
Use of native & adapted plants /// Mulches /// Soil Improvements /// Spr & reduced lawn areas

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