Landscape Installation

"On time, On budget & Done right the first time"

We guarantee to be on budget. In other words, you will never pay more than the price we propose for your job unless you want additional changes. We also use quality materials and construction practices. We provide "free estimates" for landscape design and installation in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Dallas and the entire North Texas area, and will communicate with you during all phases of your project and promise to be only a phone call away.


Another reason for a design is the estimate. In order to come up with a price, we need a plan to estimate fromfor your Plano or Allen landscape design project. In the design phase, we also like to establish a budget. This helps our clients meet cost expectations and reduce sticker shock when estimating.

There are hundreds of different types of materials that can be used in a Plano landscape project. For example. You are a client who wants a tree planted. First and foremost we recommend container grown vs balled and burlapped. Secondly, A Live Oak can be purchased and planted anywhere from a 15 gallon and as large or larger than 100 gallon container. The price will vary considerably and we strive to communicate and educate those options to clients in the design phase.

We will also estimate independent parts of your landsape as desired... please read more about this in "Phasing & Budgeting".


Phasing & Budgeting

A side bar to the estimating process and an additional benefit to your design is that it provides you the ability to break down your project into phases.  Some of our clients prefer to install their entire Plano landscape design at once. Others, prefer to phase it out anywhere from one to five years. Phasing projects is a win/win solution for both the client and contractor.  Our clients get to spread out the cost of their Allen landscape design and we get the business over the long term.  This is just one of many reasons why much of our business comes from repeat clients.

Another added benefit - Some of our clients who have plans to sell their home have even utilized their design as an additional selling tool to prospective buyers and showed the savings that they can expect in utility bills.

At Appealing Gardens, we pride ourselves on working with our clients budgetary needs.  This really starts at the design phase but continues throughout the estimating process.  


At Appealing Gardens, we only take on one landscpae design project at a time and take the time to plan your project. Once you have a design, and we have agreed upon on an estimate... Scheduling begins.

This not only includes an initial start date but also daily procurement, management and organization of materials, equipment and labor start and complete your job on time!  Delays are minimal with Appealing Gardens.  The usual delay is bad weather and we strive to communicate these or any other un-projected delays with our clients.

With exception to delays, we get in, spend the time to do it right, don't cut corners and 'get er dun" as our Aggie constituents would say!  Our Plano landscape installations have been described as 'methodical".   



Appealing Gardens has the ability to finance your project through "John Deere Credit"  Please  We accept checks, cash and credit card checks,  Please ask Keith for more details if you're interested.   



In appreciation and for the opportunity for your Plano landscaping business, we usually like to offer our clients an incentive or gift. It all depends on the client and nature of the landscape design project.

Most clients take advantage of our offer to refund a portion of the design or consultation fees. Others enjoy straight up cash, tax or percentage discounts. Some clients prefer something more tangible like gardening tools, additional services, additional materials, gift cards, magazine subscriptions or memberships to local gardening organizations.

We have even given away a 1 year family membership to the Dallas Arboretum. If it were our choice ... we would prefer to match a donation to your favorite charity or local organization. Please ask Keith for more details ...

We also appreciate referrals and show our gratitude in the form of gifts!

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