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Landscape Design company in Dallas design providing landscaping ideas, design, and installation for your garden, backyard, front yard, patio, deck. From retaining walls to sustainable landscaping, we do it all. Our Personal Plano Landscape Consultation and Design services are thoughtful to nature, detailed to the client needs, creative and comprehensive. We offer two Allen landscaping services to connect with our clients ... Consultations and Master Designs. Pre-meeting "new client questionnaire" and survey plat copy are needed to best serve you


Master Designs

Design Philosophy

Keith will meet you at your property and spend about 1 to 2 hours with you.  To start this process, he will walk around with you and take notes making a few recommendations and options, if desired marking out with turf paint to give more ground visual.  After the walk around Keith will sit down with you and talk more in detail about your landscape showing you pictures and giving landscape ideas to best utilize the space for your family.


Fee:  75.00 per hour minimum one hour


Upon completion of your consultation Keith will get pictures and measurements, take back to his office to work up a detailed estimate.   Estimates turn around takes 1-2 weeks in off season, 2-3 weeks in peak season.  We love it when clients call us in Winter to get organized for those early Spring Projects and Summer for those early Fall projects.




Our Master Designs are for clients who prefer to see much more detail in their plan and a real desire to get involved in the process and picking out more of their options.  They are done in two phases.  First the Conceptual Bed layout, Hardscape Plan.  Once that is approved by the client then we move into the planting plan and design completion.  Installation Budgets and projects are typically larger with Master Plans and take more timing and planning.  Site visits to see nursery plant material, pottery and stone yards for DIY clients billed at an hourly rate of 75.00 per hour.


Fee:  500 for front, 500 for back based on ¼ acre sized Lots.  Price can go up depending on scope of work and size of property.  1-acre properties starting at 1500.00




Our designs are functional, aesthetic and customized around a client’s style, tastes and budget.  We design into the year-round yard approach using a variety of species that provide interest throughout the year.  We also use natural stone products such as boulders, flagstone and chopped stone.   We use eco friendly plants that attract birds, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators.  The plants that we choose are low maintenance only requiring trimming, pruning and mulching in Early Spring and optional late summer light pruning to promote more Fall blooms.   The Texas Hardy Trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses & groundcovers are water wise and once established they can survive on minimal to no irrigation.  We recommend taking advantage of the Spring Rains and water less in the Spring, supplement water in the Summer, turn off the water in the Fall and Winter.  Average establishment time is 1-3 years for shrubs and perennials and 3-5 years for trees.   We provide you with a watering and maintenance plan upon completion and have an open-door policy for future questions or concerns about your landscape.

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Landscaping company servicing Wylie, Plano, Allen, Dallas and all of North Texas. For sustainable residential garden, backyard, and front yard landscaping design ideas you need go no further than Appealing Gardens Landscape.