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Landscape Installation

Landscaping Installation Company in Dallas Texas – Appealing Gardens Landscape

Landscape Designer and Installation Contractor since 2002


Landscape installation company in Dallas providing landscaping ideas, design, and installation for your garden, backyard, front yard, patio, deck. From retaining walls to sustainable landscaping, we do it all. Keith,  the  owner  of  the  company  will  be  with  you  throughout  the  entire  process.    From  the  first  appointment  to  the  completion  and  walk  through  Keith  strives  to  make  his  customers  happy!    Keith  personally manages  all his  projects  maintaining  quality  of  work,  consistency,  reliability  and  communication  to  get  projects  done  in  a  timely  manner.



Estimating, Phasing & Budgeting:



Keith will provide you with an estimate breaking down your project into phases and options.  He is always happy to discuss the estimate with you and answer any specific questions about cost or installation practices.


Installing your project in phases is always a win-win and may depend on the season.  The relative due process – phases to landscape installations are as follows:


1. Excavation  /  Demo  /  Haul  off  /  Removal

2. Bed preparation & Rough Grade work

3. Surface & Subsurface drainage remediation

4. Hardscapes (Patios, Borders, Retaining Walls)

5. Irrigation modifications

6. Plant Trees, shrubs and perennials

7. Mulch

8. Sod


We are always willing to work within a client’s budget.  Budgets may vary depending on size and scope of your project.  One example of being budget minded is planting trees. 30-gallon trees cost more than 15-gallon trees and you are buying a couple more years of growth with a 30-gallon. By planting the same tree but smaller gallon size will maintain Integrity of design, and budget is lowered by planting a smaller tree. Check out some Landscape Ideas and features, click here


Keith will stay in close contact with you on the start date of your project.  Off season we are typically 1-2 weeks out.  Busy Spring season we are generally 2-4 weeks out, barring any significant rain delays.  We will stay in communication with you throughout the job until it is completed.

We do two things before we begin excavation and tearing out.  They are as follows:


1. Call for a utility locate.  It is Texas state Law.

2. Run your sprinkler system, flag the sprinklers.


On the first day of work Keith will do an initial walk through with you and mark out the flower bed design, paths and other features of your job.  Digging & tear out will then commence.  We prefer clients to be in town during installation so they can be home to see progress and ask any questions or make any changes.  Once the job is completed Keith will do a final walk through with you to ensure your satisfaction.   We will provide you a warranty and care instructions for your new landscape and available for questions or concerns you may have thereafter.




Under Construction Projects

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